Sunday, 14 January 2018

Talisman to Attract People Improve Relationship

Relationship Talisman, Amulet for Relationship
Attract People Talisman

 Affinity Talisman to Attract people to you. For these single this talisman help boosts your affinity, by bringing the right people to you. These people that are attracted to you may be your companion, business partner or life partner.  This talisman invokes the power of the deity (和合二仙). These two immortals are known to be the matchmaker for these single, temples are dedicated to them for this worship.  Taoist magic uses the ritual of human affinity to bind lovers together if there’s is issues i.e. divorce or interference by a third party. They would rely on this deity to perform a ritual where the name, date of birth, of both person are written on a paper effigy to represent them a foot long red string are tied together both the paper effigy. Then this paper effigy is placed on the altar of the practitioner, an incantation of human affinity is recited daily and after completion of the ritual for a certain period. Both parties would reconcile.

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